Kneeland Co.

We've long admired Joanna and her ever-evolving collection of discoveries and inspirations. Reflecting on her extensive travels, Joanna focuses on one-of-a-kind, globally sourced home goods, jewelry, and art, celebrating the unique history and significance of each piece. Kneeland Co. is a textile archive, a brick and mortar retail store, an online store, and an advisory service for designers. Joanna brings light and color to everything she touches and the world is so much more magical with her in it.

Joanna is our first NM Collective partner! Together, we will be creating an immersive experience in our new flagship store opening this winter.

Joanna's Mexico City Guide

Travel with Joanna through Mexico City as she explores the vibrant, ever-changing landscape filled with endless creativity and a magnetic energy. Check out Joanna's Mexico City Guide here.